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First, access the attached article:

Once you have read this article, answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference between an isolation movement and a compound movement per the number of joints used?

2. What is the value of a well executed isolation exercise versus a poorly done compound exercise?

3. Under program design, we talk about action statements. Have you seen any of these thing(s) in your home gym or otherwise? Explain.

4. Which trainer’s tip do you find the most helpful for real world application? Why?

Instructions: Should be at least 500 words without the questions

See Designing Strength Programs.pdf
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Login 1. Compound movements occur at multiple joints and work more than one muscle or muscle groups at one time. Isolation movements occur at only one joint and work
only one muscle or muscle group. For… Hi, I am supplying the answer to this… View the full answer